A concept of social responsibility and ethical conduct is inherent in every society The main reason for the existence of a commercial organization is to produce a market and provide services which satisfy both the needs of the commercial organization in terms of an adequate return on investment, taking into account the risks undertaken. There can also be no dispute that its first responsibility is to be profitable. This is essential not only for the Shareholders, but also for the livelihood and security of its Employees.

TAASL believes that these aims can be best achieved in a free enterprise system and in a market economy which allows free enterprise at reasonable scope. A successful and respected Private Sector is an essential prerequisite to the future development of the country. We therefore believe that business is an obligation to advance and promote the principles, not only of economic growth, but also of National Development and Social Progress As Businessmen who are Members of TAASL, we accept our commitment to the following basic obligations

  • Obligations to our Customers
  • Obligations to our Employees
  • Obligations to Society
  • Obligations to Competitors within the Trade

We also accept that at various times TAASL may be required to give priority to the interest of one or more Members involved in, or affected by its activities, in preference to another. We recognize that in the long term however, this Organization must strike a fair balance, so that the interests of all Members are taken into consideration and no group is unjustly neglected.

1.Obligations to our customers

  • Ensure that in providing travel service to our customers, We protected their interest at all times.
  • Provide Travel Service that meets high standards of quality
  • Ensure that all services that provided to our customers meet their contracted expectations.

Member shall be factual & accurate when providing information about their service, which they represent. Avoid the use of improper, exaggerated or misleading advertising claims.

2. Obligations to our employees

Treat all employees irrespective of their positions in business, with respect and subject them to any indignity.